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Pediatric Dentistry



The journey to good oral health begins at a very early age and continues throughout one’s life. At Great Lakes Bay Dental, we love our littlest patients and go to great lengths to ensure that trust and security are established from our very first meeting.

We recommend that their first introductory visit occur at age 2 1/2, when you have an appointment of your own. They’ll tour the office, observe your cleaning and meet our entire staff.

At age 3, they’re ready for a visit of their own. At that time, a complete assessment of their oral health is provided, including evaluation for decay, nutritional dietary concerns related to sugar consumption, and oral home care needs.

We believe that our most important responsibility in dentistry is to gently introduce your child to our office and staff, and encourage a positive life-long attitude toward proper oral health.


Pediatric dentistry recommendations

  • Begin “brushing” your child’s gums with a soft washcloth or wipe before teeth even erupt
  • Once the first tooth has erupted, use a tiny smear of child-friendly toothpaste to clean the tooth and the gum tissue
  • At age 2 1/2, bring your child with you during your cleaning; this introduces them to our office slowly, and ensures that trust is established early.
  • We recommend your child begin seeing us regularly by age 3, and every six months after that
  • X-rays should be taken yearly, unless there is a reason otherwise
  • Orthodontic recommendations or referrals will be made as soon as the mouth is mature enough to begin addressing such concerns
  • Tips for getting kids to brush/care for their teeth.


Tooth-brushing tips for tots

Getting little ones on board with regular brushing can be a challenge. Try these tips, and before you know it, they’ll be begging you to brush.


  1. Explain the “why” … but keep it fun. Kids need to understand that brushing is not just something on their To-Do list; it serves a purpose. Keep the story simple by telling them that brushing wipes away the Cavity Bugs that like to make holes on their teeth. If your child is frightened by the mention of “bugs,” tell them instead that their toothbrush is a superhero whose job is to scare away all the bad guys from their teeth.
  2. Bring a friend. Everything is more fun with a friend. Have your child bring his or her favorite doll or stuffed animal into the bathroom with them and brush their “teeth” as well. Purchase an inexpensive toothbrush especially for their friend … and don’t forget the invisible toothpaste!
  3. Time it out. To help your children understand how long they should be brushing (two minutes, if possible), set a timer. If you already have an egg timer in your kitchen, that’ll work just fine. Otherwise, consider purchasing an inexpensive timer and help your child set it to two minutes.
  4. Shop for supplies. Does your child have a favorite cartoon character? How about flavor of toothpaste? Children are much more likely to enjoy the brushing process when they have supplies that make it fun and comfortable. Take them shopping with you so they can help pick out their brush, and encourage them to visit their cartoon character friends at least twice per day.
  5. High fives all around! Did your child do an exceptional job brushing? Did they last their whole two minutes? Did they brush on their own without being told? Give them a high five to show your support. Children love positive reinforcement and celebrating their little successes ensures they’ll want to continue on.

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