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There are many factors and habits that could result in darkened or yellowed teeth, including drinking dark liquids, smoking or chewing tobacco, and not having an excellent oral care routine. Experienced dentist Dr. Daniel Clement offers the Opalescence teeth whitening system for treatments in our Midland, MI dental office, which can help to get rid of stains on the teeth for a whiter smile. Opalescence treatments are unique because they do more than whiten your teeth. The formula combines potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF) to fortify your teeth as well. To meet your particular needs and goals, Dr. Clement will help you decide which Opalescence treatment option is most suitable for you during your consultation at Great Lakes Bay Dental.

Best Candidates

Anybody who wishes to gain a brighter, whiter smile could be a good candidate for in-office teeth whitening treatments. An Opalescence treatment can help if you have substantial teeth discoloration by whitening your enamel while also giving you overall healthier teeth. With multiple options for application, Dr. Clement will help you pick the Opalescence system that best satisfies your needs and goals.

What to Expect

During your consultation, Dr. Clement will assess your teeth and understand your cosmetic goals before recommending an Opalescence system. As soon as you have decided on an Opalescence whitening treatment, we will schedule an appointment and explain the process beforehand. At Great Lakes Bay Dental, we offer Opalescence Boost, which is an in-office treatment employing a 40% hydrogen peroxide solution for bleaching that helps to remove stains in under one hour.


To maintain the results of your Opalescence therapy, you need to adhere to a home oral care routine with appropriate brushing and flossing. Talk to Dr. Clement about Opalescence aftercare products, including toothbrushes and toothpaste. You should also continue to schedule bi-annual cleanings at Great Lakes Bay Dental where our team uses special dental instruments to polish the enamel and remove stains. Your results should last for many years with great oral hygiene and if you avoid staining foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, and tobacco. If you discover your teeth are beginning to dull, talk to our team about a second Opalescence treatment to renew your smile.

Insurance Coverage

Since it is an elective procedure, Opalescence teeth whitening is generally not covered by most dental insurance agencies. Great Lakes Bay Dental accepts several payment options, and we can help you find medical financing so your treatment is affordable. Ask Dr. Clement any questions you may have to learn more during your consultation.

Opalescence teeth Whitening

Discoloration on your teeth can take away from the natural beauty of your smile. Opalescence is a great option if you want quick, in-office treatments to produce a more vivid smile. With Opalescence, this system offers many different treatment methods to match your wants and cosmetic goals. If you want a whiter smile, get in touch with our Midland, MI office to book a consultation with Dr. Clement at Great Lakes Bay Dental.

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