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Dental health is important for each and every member of the family, no matter their age. At Great Lakes Bay Dental, we encourage parents to schedule their child's first visit to a dentist before they turn one year old. From there, parents should make sure their children see the dentist at least twice a year for cleanings and exams. Our goal is to develop a good relationship with your child built upon trust when they visit our Midland, MI office so that they have a positive association with going to the dentist that will last the rest of their life. During their dental visit, experienced dentist Dr. Daniel Clement will assess the development of their teeth, look for difficulties or areas of concern, and instruct them on how to keep up a proper oral care routine at home. He or a member of his team can also give you tips to make brushing at home fun for your children. To learn more about pediatric dentistry for your child, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Clement and his team.

Best Candidates

Children can experience cavities and tooth decay as early as two years old. Great Lakes Bay Dental can provide preventive options and treatments to help preserve the teeth and minimize decay. Your child may have their primary (baby) teeth for several years so it is important to keep their teeth in good health until your child develops their permanent teeth. To encourage this, you should schedule appointments twice each year for exams and cleanings. During their appointments, Dr. Clement can detect any developing issues, like cavities or misalignment, and recommend procedures, like fillings, fluoride treatments, or orthodontics to treat them, and can make suggestions for maintaining good oral health.

What to Expect

Many problems can be addressed at your child's dental visit. Normally, their visit will consist of a dental examination and a dental cleaning. After a cleaning, a fluoride treatment may also be performed in order to strengthen the teeth and enamel while they are developing. Furthermore, sealants are often recommended to minimize tooth decay and cavities. Dr. Clement can also fix teeth that show signs of decay or are chipped, damaged, or broken by creating an effective treatment plan. Eventually, Dr. Clement can recommend an orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth, which may prevent future dental problems.


If Dr. Clement detects a problem during your child's dental examination or cleaning, you may have to schedule a follow-up appointment for treatment. After the exam and cleaning, Dr. Clement or a member of his team will talk to you and your child about the most important steps in an oral hygiene routine: daily brushing and flossing. They will also demonstrate techniques on the right way to brush and floss to prevent future problems.

Insurance Coverage

Generally, both examinations and cleanings are covered by your dental insurance provider. If a treatment or procedure is necessary, our financial team will contact your provider to determine any additional costs. Great Lakes Bay Dental accepts many payment methods, including low-interest financing, that could help make your child's dental care much easier to afford.

Pediatric Dental Care

Allow your child to develop good dental health habits by scheduling regular appointments at Great Lakes Bay Dental. Dr. Clement and his team consider it very important to start receiving dental care early in life to begin preventive measures, avoid future issues from developing, and to encourage a positive, life-long attitude toward proper oral health. To schedule a comprehensive dental examination for your child, contact our dental office in Midland, MI.

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