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Periodontal gum disease is a progressive condition, increasing in severity over time as bacteria found in your mouth mixes with pieces of food and saliva. This generates a tacky, transparent plaque that can cause dental issues if left alone. Many men and women think that brushing and flossing are all it takes to eradicate the plaque, but that is just not the case. As the plaque builds up and becomes tartar on your teeth, your gums may begin to become irritated. This is when it is important to see a professional, like experienced dentist Dr. Daniel Clement at Great Lakes Bay Dental in Midland, MI. However, time is of the essence. As periodontal disease advances beyond the beginning stage (gingivitis) into the stages known as periodontitis and advanced periodontitis, tooth and bone loss become very real possibilities. Both of these conditions can cause a number of issues for any patient.

Best Candidates

Good candidates for periodontal treatments range from those with minor gum inflammation to those with severe deterioration of the tissue, teeth, or bone in the mouth. In some instances, the gum disease has already caused tooth loss. Regardless of how your gum disease has advanced, the time to seek treatment is now. Gum inflammation is quite often a symptom of gingivitis or periodontitis, which literally means, “inflammation around the tooth.” This often results in bad breath that won’t go away, tender, bleeding gums, painful chewing, loose teeth, and receding gums. If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend you schedule an appointment at Great Lakes Bay Dental at your earliest convenience.

What To Expect

There are a variety of dental treatments that can be helpful in the battle against gum disease. The primary goal of treatment is to control infection. Dr. Clement and the team at Great Lakes Bay Dental typically begin with a tiny instrument called a probe, which can be compared to a very small ruler used to check for and measure any infected pockets near and under your teeth. Digital x-rays can also help confirm any bone loss. The results of this examination will help determine the type and amount of treatments used. Treatments typically start with a deep cleaning to remove plaque with a technique called scaling and root planing. Antibiotics may also be used to treat infections. Bone and tissue grafts may be considered for patients in the advanced stages of the disease to restore any lost bone and tissue in needed areas.


The key to successful recovery from most periodontal treatments is maintaining rigorous dental care in the home. At your appointment, Dr. Clement will review how you can further benefit from treatment by changing, improving upon, or stopping certain behaviors, such as smoking, which is believed to increase the symptoms of the disease.

Because periodontal treatments are personalized according to the severity of the disease (and the needs of the patient), recovery timeframes and instructions may vary. It is very important to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, floss regularly to remove plaque amassing between your teeth, and visit Great Lakes Bay Dental regularly for check-ups and deep cleanings.

Insurance Coverage

Since the recommended treatments for periodontal disease can vary, so might your insurance coverage and associated prices. Our team will work with you on an individual basis to maximize the portion of your treatments paid for by your insurer. If you do not carry dental insurance, Dr. Clement will discuss treatment alternatives and prices to create a treatment plan that fits your budget. At your consultation, inquire about medical financing and ask us to help you apply for it.

Periodontal Treatments

Although gum disease is not entirely reversible, thorough treatment and regular attention by an experienced dental team may help keep your symptoms mild and manageable. If you believe you could be at the beginning or advanced stages of periodontal disease, or you would like more info about the disease and other treatment options we currently offer, we encourage you to set up an appointment with Dr. Clement at Great Lakes Bay Dental at your earliest convenience.

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