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Traditional dental crowns are placed over a damaged or decayed tooth to help protect and support it. However, an implant-supported crown is used to replace a missing tooth. Most often, an implant-supported crown replaces one missing tooth, but in some cases, two teeth can be fused together and attached to the same implant. The implant helps secure the crown and ensures it is durable against chewing, grinding, and other factors. The crown is chosen to match the color and shape of your existing teeth to give your smile a natural appearance. As one of the latest advancements in restorative dentistry, experienced dentist Dr. Daniel Clement is pleased to offer implant-supported crowns to give his patients lasting results. Contact Great Lakes Bay Dental in Midland, MI to learn more about implant-supported crowns as a way to restore missing teeth.

Best Candidates

An ideal candidate for receiving an implant-supported crown is an individual with overall good gum and jaw health who is missing one or two teeth in an area. A missing tooth is more than just a cosmetic problem as it can make it tough to eat, smile, and speak. Additionally, missing teeth can result in a shift in your other teeth, making your smile uneven. An implant-supported crown may be an option to replace an old bridge if you want a more stable restoration with fewer dietary limitations. Prior to recommending an implant-supported crown, Dr. Clement will discuss all possible options for replacing your missing tooth/teeth and create the best type of treatment for your specific needs and wants.

What to Expect

The process for receiving an implant-supported crown typically occurs in two stages and may take a few months. The first part of the procedure involves the surgical placement of the implant into the jawbone. There is some recovery time needed after this process, which might be around 2 – 3 months. Prior to the second stage, Dr. Clement or a member of his team will take impressions of your mouth so your new crown can be produced. After the implant has integrated into your jaw and gums, the crown can be attached to the implant post. If needed, Dr. Clement can make minor adjustments to the crown and implant so the fit is secure and comfortable.


Following every step of the procedure, Dr. Clement will give you at-home care instructions. He may also suggest a follow-up appointment to adjust the fit of your implant-supported crown. You should continue to attend annual dental examinations and bi-annual cleanings at Great Lakes Bay Dental. In addition, you should maintain a proper at-home oral care routine.

Insurance Coverage

In some cases, your dental insurance provider may partially cover the price of your implant-supported crown. Our financial team will contact your insurance provider to determine what portion of the costs you may be responsible for. Great Lakes Bay Dental accepts many payment methods for out-of-pocket costs if you don't have dental insurance. We can also help you get low-interest financing to make your treatment easier to afford.

Implant Crowns

When you are missing a tooth, it can cause unpleasant side effects for your teeth and mouth. This is the reason why Great Lakes Bay Dental provides implant-supported crowns as a long-lasting solution to correct your smile. To learn more about this dental procedure, contact our office in Midland, MI to schedule a consultation with experienced dentist Dr. Clement.

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